Position Music: Generate, Organize, Destroy

A year and a half in the making, Danny Cocke’s new album, Generate, Organize, Destroy is inspired by physics as well as metaphysics. Published by Position Music, the album was released on Danny Cocke’s birthday on January 7 (happy birthday Danny!)

Generate, Organize, Destroy isn’t a massive and hard-hitting album like previous ones, but rather a collection of ethereal hybrid/orchestral cues with a mysterious, dramatic and heroic atmosphere. “Recorded in studio using a 56 piece live orchestra, each track explores the vastness of space – both sonically and figuratively”, says Position Music. “The rich, warm and melodic instrumentation creates a brooding and mysterious ambiance that continuously builds; at times with heart racing urgency or triumphant heroism.”

jake versluis & danny cocke
A&R-Creative Jake Versluis and composer Danny Cocke

As Danny Cocke explains, “Generate, Organize, Destroy = the circular, infinite into finite, the summation of all creation. Energy is generated, organized into form, and at its right time destroyed, only to be born anew as the cycle repeats. We see this happen every day before us, with all of life. In the MICRO scale with our trillions of cells that house the Universe of our mitochondria. In the MACRO scale in our universe housed by our multiverse, omniverse, and megaverse. The source of this cycle is a mystery, yet it shows Itself in all things. Consciousness constantly unraveling and flowering, fractals upon fractals, flowing inward and outward, logic and magic conjoined, all things entangled beyond space and time. We transcend our limited perception of linear time and 3 dimensional view of space, and become finally realized, as we spiral through time, upwards and outwards, ever expanding, ever existing.”

The entire album is available for listening on the Position Music website. Don’t miss the interview and behind-the-scenes video below.

Generate, Organize, Destroy is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, contact Position Music.

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