Really Slow Motion & Epic Soul Factory: Sigma

Epic Soul Factory’s third album, Sigma, is published by Really Slow Motion and features composers Cesc Vilà and Fran Soto.

Epic, dramatic and heroic, Sigma is an exciting new trailer music album, offering “powerful, neo-orchestral tracks; from the most emotional and uplifting melodies to the most massive electronic sounds”, as Epic Soul Factory explains. “You can listen to a story that narrates how we’ve been created from stardust in the beginning; until the end where a beautiful dream never ends.”

Sigma is the result of a “long journey”, with a lot of “effort, blood, sweat and tears to finish this album… but here it is finally”!

The artwork was made by Francesco Santese.

Sigma is available to the public for purchase via iTunes and BandcampFor licensing information, contact Really Slow Motion.

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2 responses to “Really Slow Motion & Epic Soul Factory: Sigma”

  1. Mark Harriosn says:

    Oh how I’ve missed you Trailer Music News!

    Great to have you back (as a website) and the first album I check out is a great one and a definite iTunes buy.
    Great stuff Epic Soul Factory- My “Epic” Fix!

  2. AntsMusic says:

    (TMN – your website is back – hurray!!!)

    I did a search for reviews of this music and found TMN website again. I bought this album on iTunes and really rate it among all the epic music I own.

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November 4, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun