Hymns of Fire & Earth: the Debut Album from Ten Thousand Watts of Iron

Hymns of Fire & Earth is the debut album from Ten Thousand Watts of Iron, a new trailer music company. Epic and action-packed, the album delivers themes for piano, choir, orchestra and percussion.

Ten Thousand Watts of Iron was recently founded by Marcello De Francisci, with the motto “we define the word ‘epic’ in production music”. The boutique library focuses indeed on the highest quality production music available for use in motion picture trailer advertising, with the aim to “leave no stone unturned to deliver heart pounding, emotionally wrenching tracks that will shake audiences off their seats”.

For more information, visit 10kwattsofiron.com.

Below is a preview track, “Man of Destiny”:

Hymns of Fire & Earth is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Ten Thousand Watts of Iron.

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