Position Music: Deviant

Position Music’s recent release, Deviant, is now available to the public on iTunes.

Deviant is a dark, massive, action-packed and modern album, composed by Jack Trammell and published by Position Music.

You can explore the entire album on the Position Music website.

Deviant is available to the public for purchase through iTunes. For licensing information, contact Position Music.

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3 Responses

  1. This album is not actually available for purchase from iTunes. Streaming only. Very frustrating as Apple’s streaming is a disaster.

    1. Just found it on Amazon. Glad to get away from Apple’s insane push of their streaming service. Looks like they are making new albums streaming only, but both Trammel’s Deviant and the new Fult Tilt albums can be purchased from Amazon. 🙂

      1. I stand corrected. The latest 3 Full Tilt albums are not available on Amazon to purchase. Apple streaming only (NO PURCHASE anywhere) Sad. 🙁

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