Glory, Oath & Blood: Babylon Z

Babylon Z, Glory, Oath & Blood’s brand new release, is a heart-pounding ethnic orchestral album, haunting and mystical, offering fantasy/ adventure music with an exotic atmosphere.

Babylon Z represents “a tour de force of otherworldly fantasy action adventure trailer cues”, says the company. “Descend into the imaginary landscapes of Babylon Z, filled with exotic unearthly voices, ancient flutes, haunting mysterious string instruments and more. Music inspired by the discovery and wonder of foreign realms that defy the imagination. Epic rising drama spins forth from each ambient magical intro. With an atmosphere of Sci-Fi at times and primitive primal Action at others, Babylon Z is a destination you won’t soon forget.”

The album features many LA soloists including Tina Guo, Aeone Watson, Sonja Drakulich, Theom, and more. Preview tracks are available on the Non-Stop Trailers website.

Babylon Z is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact David Epstein at Non-stop Trailers.

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