Chroma’s Latest Releases

The company’s most recent releases include Binary Storm, Ambush, Sampler Vol. 3 and Sampler Vol. 04.

Binary Storm

Binary Storm was composed by Kraddy in collaboration with Chroma. The album offers dark and aggressive hybrid music with sound design elements, rough guitars and hip-hop influences.

Binary Storm is the first collaboration between Kraddy and Chroma. Kraddy is one of the co-founders of the famous electronic music group The Glitch Mob, and “has developed a unique and cinematic musical style”, according to Chroma. “This album is filled with Kraddy’s trademark glitch hop sound, along with epic builds, intense beats, shuddering drops, and much more!” Several preview tracks are available on the Chroma website.

chroma - sampler vol 03Sampler Vol. 03

Sampler Vol. 03 offers various cinematic styles and genres, ranging from hybrid tracks to purely orchestral pieces, and from dramatic tracks to fantasy/adventure cues, including emotional and uplifting compositions. Sampler Vol. 03 is Chroma’s “most musically diverse album to date”, as the company explains. “This dynamic and powerful compliation contains such musical genres as: emotional drama, thriller, epic action, dark electro, hybrid action, horror, hopeful indie, and more. “

Sampler Vol. 03 features composers Samuel Karl Bohn, Nick Road, Erick DeVore, Evan Goldman, Joe Devenney, Jochem Weierink, Blair Brothers and Mateo Pascual. Several preview tracks are available on the Chroma website.

chroma - ambushAmbush

Dark and gritty, Ambush is an hybrid collection of cinematic tracks, combining sound design, percussion and orchestra. “These cues contain intense sound design, dark melodies, hard hitting percussion, hybrid builds, and explosive back-ends”, Chroma explains. “This collection is sure to add excitement, increase tension, and modernize any campaign.” You can preview Ambush on Chroma’s website.

chroma - sampler 4Sampler Vol. 04

Sampler Vol. 04 is an intense and powerful album, offering a “wide variety of epic genres sure to kickstart your next campaign Recorded live at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios, Sampler Vol. 04 is a collection of diverse tracks with good climaxes, including dramatic and heroic hybrid compositions, triumphant and inspiring ones, but also emotional and reflective pieces with piano. The album can be previewed on the Chroma website.

PS: don’t miss Chroma’s fantastic reel for 2015!

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Chroma.

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September 4, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun