Introducing Glory, Oath & Blood

Founded by Robert Leslie Bennett in 2014, Glory Oath + Blood is the side project of a clique of accomplished Hollywood film composers.

“They all work together to create a sound that is at times blisteringly electronic, at others dramatically orchestral, often intensely percussive… but always… cinematic”, says Warner/Chappell Production Music, who distributes their albums. Before starting his own company, Los Angeles-based composer Robert Leslie Bennett had previously worked with companies such as Fired Earth Music, West One Music, Killer Tracks and Music Junkies.

Glory Oath & Blood’s catalog is currently comprised of five albums. All of them can be explored on the Warner/Chappell website.

glory oath - adventure conquestAdventure & Conquest

With this release, “epic heroic adventure awaits!” The album features “themes and underscore conjuring up massive gothic battle, inspirational noble triumph, and the dramatic thrill of fantasy adventures in the manner of Glory Oath & Blood was born to deliver!” The album is available on iTunes.

glory oath - dark kingdomDark Kingdom

With the company’s second release, you will “enter a world of dark cinematic underscore, featuring giant choral rises, huge epic drumming, and grand orchestral themes. Always building, swelling, and rising into the next dramatic climax.” Dark Kingdom is also available on iTunes.


Featuring mainly percussion and sound design, Bombshell was released to the industry in January, and to the public in April. This album is “a blazing tour de force of blistering synths and pounding percussive rhythms. Collaborating members include Thor Laewe, Tobias Enhus, Danny McCarty, Mark Petrie, and Charlie Lin.” You can purchase the album on iTunes as well.

Placements include advertising campaigns for Mortal Kombat X, Rainbow Six and Ant-Man. “Skybolt Reloaded” can be indeed be heard in the first half of the Ant-Man trailer for example:

glory oath - endorfiendzEndorfiendz

This suspenseful and action-packed album was also recently released to the industry. “Endorfiendz is on the scene and ready for the big attack! Whether it’s for fun action trailers, extreme sports, crime, or just badass action, get your heavy adrenaline fix with Endorfiendz!” This album will be released to the public on September 11.

Born of Legend

Released to the industry in July, this epic, dramatic, heroic, and triumphant album represents twelve months of non-stop obsessive work. This “massive orchestral” music was recorded live at the famous Abbey Road with the English Session Orchestra and in Budapest with the Hungarian Studio Orchestra. The artwork was made by Devon Gibbs. Born of Legend is available to the public through iTunes.

glory oath - babylon zBabylon Z

Glory Oath & Blood’s next album will be entitled Babylon Z – an “otherworld fantasy album featuring many of the top LA soloists you hear on every major film and game score, including the likes of Tina Guo, Aeone Watson, Sonja Drakulich, Theom, and more!” Babylon Z will be released to the industry soon.

Some of these albums aren’t available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact or visit

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August 3, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun