Decade: Celebrating One of Immediate Music’s Alums, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

With Decade, Imperativa Records celebrates ten years of mastery – compiling some of Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s most popular tracks, composed for Immediate Music over the last ten years.

Aleksandar’s music has been used in various blockbuster movie trailers – The Fantastic Four, Transformers, Maleficent, Thor, Call of Duty, Iron Man, Star Trek, The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, X-Men, Terminator, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Island… and many, many more.

Featuring several newly composed tracks, Decade also offers remixed versions of classic tracks such as “With Great Power” and “Sublunar”. A must-have for any fan of epic music!

ABOUT ALEKSANDAR: Over the past decade, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic has become a leading force in the high-profile trailer music world with music featured in over 90 trailers for some of the biggest blockbusters of this century as well as video games and films.

“Aleksandar is one of the true pioneers of the epic music genre, having had the ears of major music supervisors in the trailer industry for the past ten years. We are always incredibly eager to hear what he’s been cooking up in his Norwegian studio. Man, does he deliver – this album is simply delicious!”

– Yoav Goren, producer, Immediate Music


01 – From The Light
02 – Interdimensional
03 – With Great Power (2015)
04 – The Breach
05 – Overcome Anything
06 – Angels and Mercenaries (Payne Mix)
07 – Sublunar (2015)
08 – Soul of a Warrior (2015)
09 – Epicon (2015)
10 – Follow Me
11 – The Final Revolution
12 – Icarus Rising
13 – Time Destructor
14 – Secret of the Ancients
15 – Armies of Steel (2015)
16 – Pandemic
17 – Thousand Light Years
18 – Dark Side of Power (2015)
19 – Hope
20 – Last Transmission
21 – Violation #43
22 – Birth of a Titan
23 – Until We Perish
24 – Victory
25 – Decade

Decade is available to the public for purchase through iTunesAmazonBandcamp and the Imperativa Records storeFor licensing information, contact Immediate Music.

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June 13, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun