Ninja Tracks’ Latest Releases ‘Revolution: Ascension’ and ‘One’

Ninja Tracks’ latest releases include Revolution: Ascension, an industry release, and One, the company’s first public album, following the request of many fans.

Both albums were composed by Ninja Tracks’ co-founders Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen.

Revolution: Ascension

The highly-anticipated Ascension is the fifth opus from the Revolution series, following Zero, Genesis, Dominion and Vivid. This album delivers intense and compelling reflective music, dramatic at times, inspirational at others. “Rooted in a strong theme of compositional and sonic continuity, Ascension takes listeners on a journey to new worlds of thought and being”, Ninja Tracks explains.

One, Ninja Tracks’ first public release

ninja tracks - oneAfter many requests from fans, Ninja Tracks decided to release a compilation of some of their best tracks to the public. “Featuring some of our most popular music, One also includes two new pieces, “Serenity” and “State of Being”, both only available exclusively with this album”, says Ninja Tracks. “We’re also very excited to announce two more commercial releases slated for 2015: Sides – an awesome EP of Ninja Tracks covers and remixes, and Ascension – the complete cinematic album recently released to the industry with an exclusive bonus track.” Yes, Revolution: Ascension will be released to the public later this year!

One is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to this, fans can also purchase the single “Spectrum”, as featured in the Rosewater trailer, on iTunes and Amazon. The track is part of the album Revolution: Vivid.

One and “Spectrum” are available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, contact Ninja Tracks.

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  1. Sean Kadlec says:

    Jetta’s ”I’d Love To Change The World”. Will there be an instrumental release?

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April 12, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun