New Gothic Storm Releases: Dragons, EDM and Emotions are Here

Dragons, EDM and emotions: Gothic Storm’s new albums offer various styles of music – always in epic fashion of course.

Dragons & Kings, Hybrid EDM Action, Epic Emotional Ambience and Evocative Atmospheres are indeed their latest industry releases. The two latter ones are now available to the public.

Dragons & Kings focuses on heroic, majestic and inspirational orchestral music – “big budget fantasy and family adventure with live orchestra”, featuring the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It is Gothic Storm’s most “colourful, uplifting and melodic album set” to date. Dragons & Kings was composed by Dan Graham, Chris Haigh, Gabriel Brosteanu, Lukasz Ledzki, Piotr Musial and Andrew Swarbrick.

An Hybrid Edition of the album also exists, delivering alternate mixes, pumping “the same tracks up to blockbuster superhero size with massive impacts, synths and sound design.”

gothic storm

On the other hand, Hybrid EDM Action, part of Gothic Storm’s Toolworks collection, offers driving and action-packed hybrid music: “dangerous cues blending epic trailer and EDM genres into a hotbed of menacing urban fear, crime and action. The style is simple, tense and driving. The combination of modern dance sheen and dark orchestral trailer action makes it perfect for TV promos and reality TV competitions.” Hybrid EDM Action was composed by Milan Adamik and Adam Brown.

To finish on a softer touch, don’t miss Epic Emotional Ambience, a collection of electronic, orchestral, uplifting and ambient tracks composed by Matt Bowdler, also known as “The Unfinished”. This album debuts Gothic Storm’s brand new collection entitled Artist Series. “This is part of a new initiative for 2015 – the Artist Series where great writers are headhunted and given free reign to explore their vision of perfect trailer music. The results are more personal, unexpected and lovingly honed. Matt Bowdler is best known as a synth programmer on Hollywood films including Need For Speed but in his heart there is a beautiful world of uplifting emotional, cinematic and nostalgic ambience. Fizzy M83-meets-Vangelis synth joy is augmented with live strings from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for a premium production quality.”

Epic Emotional Ambience is available to the public through iTunes and Amazon.

Feel free to also explore Evocative Atmospheres, offering emotional atmospheres – an “utterly beautiful and yet utterly minimal work”, also available to the public through iTunes and Amazon.

The covers of the albums were all made by Sam Hayles – aka DOSEprod.

These albums are not available to the public for purchase except Epic Emotional Ambience and Evocative Atmospheres. For licensing information, contact Gothic Storm.

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