Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Sub Pub Music just released Weighted Ground, an orchestral album with new age influences, featuring compelling female vocals and lyrical themes – uplifting at times, melancholic at others.

Weighted Ground is an emotional, ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes”, says Sub Pub Music. “Its dark and somber undertones, mixed with dashes of bliss and harmony, and the subtle yet epic finales makes this album a boiling compote of pure emotions”. The result is “evocative, dramatic, solemn and bold.”

Weighted Ground features indeed vocalists Julie Elven, Uyanga Bold, Aeralie Brighton, Lara Ausensi, Claudie Mackula, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Megan McDuffee, Gaby Koss, Nadia Duggin, Laura Vall, Nina Pardal, Tatiana Tarsia and Siri Wallentén. The music was composed by Alexandros Nikolaidis, Michael Maas, Onur Tarcin, Claudie Mackula, Mattia Turzo, Megan McDuffee, Natanel Arnson, Massimiliano Foti, Andrew Napier, Christian Fernando Perucchi, Gregory Urich, Giovanni Pallotti, Jesper Kristensen, MikroMatique and Velvet Mind.

The stunning artwork was made by Koke Núñez Gómez.

Weighted Ground is available to the public for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, contact Sub Pub Music.

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