Demented Sound Mafia: Tribulation

Composed by Gilde Flores, Demented Sound Mafia’s new release, Tribulation, delivers dark, hybrid music, full of action and adrenaline. The album mixes orchestra, sound design and a lot of percussion.

Tribulation is the “perfect score for super hero, apocalyptic, action driven trailers”. It is the first hybrid orchestral album from Demented Sound Mafia, “known for their masterful sound design releases”, showcasing their “ability to score powerful, extremely relevant, trailer driven music”.

The whole album is available for listening on the Songs To Your Eyes website.

About Demented Sound Mafia

Distributed by  Songs To Your Eyes, Demented Sound Mafia is a label specializing in music and sound design for film trailers and video games, “with dynamic builds, starting small and growing to big back ends”. Their credits include Three Days To Kill, Captain Phillips, Chronicles Of Riddick 3, The Grand Master, The Purge, After Earth, Oblivion, The Iceman… For more information, visit

Tribulation is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Songs To Your Eyes.

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January 22, 2015
Clothilde Lebrun