Goddess: Interview with the Singers from Twisted Jukebox’s New Release

Twisted Jukebox recently released Goddess, a feminine, ethereal and inspiring album of epic female vocal trailer music.

Each track includes indeed powerful female solo vocals, “to add an enchanting blend to spectacular epic trailer moments!” Various female singers across the globe contributed to this project  – Julie Elven, Zefora Alderman, Laura Intravia, Elisha, Nina Boldt  and  Hannah Boxall.

Goddess was composed by Xiaotian Shi, Austin Noble, Michael Maas, Julia Hoelscheidt, Marc Jacobs, Jeff Ball, Prabjote Osahn and Jonny Lexus.

The artwork was by Sam Hayles aka DOSEprod.





(Tracks: “Supernova”  and “Where I Stay”, composed by Michael Maas)

Trailer Music News: Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your musical background?

Julie Elven: I am a film score and soundtrack vocalist based in Munich, Germany. Besides singing, I also play a small variety of musical instruments. Instrumentally, my background is clearly classically trained – especially on the violin. Vocally, I tried different styles including jazz singing before I developed my epic and cinematic voice. To me, it has been – and continues to be – a stimulating learning experience and overall a really inspiring path.

TMN: How did you meet Twisted Jukebox?

JE: I met Twisted Jukebox via Michael Maas, whom I worked with on several tracks for the GODDESS album.

TMN: You contributed to Twisted Jukebox’s new album ‘GODDESS’ – how did the collaborative working process take place?

JE: Working with Michael is always a creative and intuition-driven process which I really enjoy. We have been working together several times, and have become a team throughout the years. Michael would write the instrumental, and I would go in and add my vocals in a very raw, improvisational kind of style. We always move from there and reshape, remove and add layers, until the final version is audible. It’s been a great experience overall!



(Track: “The Fallen will Rise”, composed by Marc Jacobs)

TMN: Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your musical background ?

Zefora Alderman: I come from a very musical family and grew up singing in choirs and playing various instruments in bands and youth orchestras. I provided vocals for one film in college, but didn’t really get into filmscore until I joined SoundCloud 4 years ago and got into that community there. I feel like I’ve grown with it. Although I spent a lot of time collaborating with musicians across widely different genres, I grew up on a lot of classical music, so doing Filmscore felt like coming home. It’s where I primarily focus my professional work now.

TMN: How did you meet Twisted Jukebox?

ZA: Through this project, actually. It’s how I met Marc Jacobs, too. Since then we’ve done quite a few projects together. It’s been fantastic! He’s an immensely talented and fun composer to work with!

TMN: You contributed to Twisted Jukebox’s new album ‘GODDESS’ – how did the collaborative working process take place?

ZA: Marc sent me the backing track and asked for a solo vocal that started soft and built up to something really strong. I’d record a stem, send it to him, he’d ask for changes, I’d record a new part, send it back. Unfortunately, I was injured before the track was finished, and the pain medication I was taking made me a bit hoarse. Since there was no way I could now compete as a solo against a full orchestra, I decided to employ a trick I’d used with another composer, Oliver Sadie, several years ago and turn the solo into a choir. We got really into it and turned it into something huge! I wrote a bunch of parts for the choir, then he wrote some extra high parts for the last chorus. In the end, we had something much fuller than we’d anticipated. It turned out to be a fortunate turn of events because we’ve used the same technique since then for a couple of TV commercials and another Twisted Jukebox trailer track. I am extremely grateful that this project came along because I think it’s shifted my craft in a new direction and opened up a lot of great new professional opportunities.



(Track: “Clandestine”, composed by Austin Noble)

TMN: Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your musical background ? 

E: I grew up in quite a musical family – my Grandma was an Opera singer so I’m thinking that’s the root of my musical interest. I’ve been singing and songwriting for as long as I can remember, but moved to Coventry just over 3 years ago to study Vocals at Nexus ICA where I began to pursue music more seriously. I now study Music Composition whilst working as a singer in a Gatsby inspired electro-swing band. At the moment I’m also working on producing a new E.P which should be released early next year sometime.

TMN: How did you meet Twisted Jukebox ?

E: I met Austin through his brother actually, who recommended me for one of the tracks he was working on for Twisted Jukebox.

TMN: You contributed to Twisted Jukebox’s new industry album ‘GODDESS’ – how did the collaborative working process take place?

E: We were in touch mostly over email and Austin sent through a recording so I could get a feel for the track. I instantly loved the piece and the style was something I’d not really done much of before, so it was a good challenge for me. From there, Austin arranged to come up to Coventry for a recording session and we spent a morning in the studio getting all the vocals down.



 (Tracks: “Arctic Night”,  “Fight For life”, “Hurt Fall”, “Our Last Stand”, “Uprise”, composed by Xiaotian Shi)

TMN: Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your musical background?

Nina: I’m a singer – songwriter. Born and raised in Berlin, but based in London. Having moved to London 10 years ago meant I could explore the London music scene in all its glory and to find my own sound. I’ve just come back from the US opening for Erasure, which has been an incredible experience. I’d describe my music as Synth Pop, mellow and dreamy.

Hannah: I began singing as a chorister in a church choir, and quickly developed a feeling of excitement for operatic singing. I have taken part in many singing festivals.  I am currently study music at the University of Bristol, and hope to continue my vocal studies at conservatoire after my degree. At university I have performed in various operas including The Magic Flute and The Boars Head.  I am currently rehearsing for the role of Cherubino in a production of The Marriage of Figaro in February.

TMN: How did you meet Twisted Jukebox?

Nina: Through my very good friend Xiaotian Shi, who I’ve worked with before.

Hannah: I was introduced to Twisted Jukebox through composer Xiaotian Shi. The collaboration between the three of us has been very exciting.

TMN: You contributed to Twisted Jukebox’s new album ‘GODDESS’ – how did the collaborative working process take place?

Nina: Xiaotian sent me his idea and I instantly loved it. I couldn’t wait to record it. So I went to his studio and it took us a few hours to record it. It was a fun process.

Hannah: I have been working alongside Xiaotian Shi for three years. When we work together, our creative energy comes to life. Xiaotian usually writes the orchestral foundation to the tracks, and then we meet up and experiment with the vocals. When it came to recording the tracks, I disengage my mind from all distractions and focused purely on the intensity and drama of the music. Xiaotian has introduced me to the music industry for film and advertising, and I can say it is a very exhilarating place to be.



(Track: “Valour of Athena”, composed by Jeff Ball)   

TMN: Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your musical background ? 

Laura Intravia: I’ve been singing my whole life, I started taking piano lessons at 7 years old and started the flute when I was 9. Around then, I started to become interested in video game soundtracks, and began transcribing video game music by ear. I attended Ithaca College as a Composition and Vocal Performance double major, and shortly after graduating, I went on tour with Video Games Live from 2009-2013 as a vocal/flute soloist, arranger and orchestrator. I have been a freelancing performer, composer and arranger for the past six years.

TMN: How did you meet Twisted Jukebox?

Jeff Ball: Twisted Jukebox actually contacted me initially after listening to my demo reel online. I primarily work writing music for video games here in Los Angeles, so I was a bit surprised to see they were looking for trailer music from me. Needless to say, it’s been a pleasure to work with them. When they asked if I knew any vocalists for this album, I knew I needed to bring Laura on this track. She has brilliant control, and a wonderful tone to her voice. She really nailed it.

TMN: You contributed to Twisted Jukebox’s new album ‘GODDESS’ – how did the collaborative working process take place?

Laura Intravia: I first worked with Jeff on a video game music fan album called Balance and Ruin, so we already knew each other’s work. Jeff got in touch and asked if I would be interested in performing vocals for this piece, and I of course was into the game 😉 I listened to the track several times and put together two takes in different styles, to give Jeff options to work with.

Goddess is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, contact Twisted Jukebox.

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