‘Second Earth’: A Crowdfunding Project to Record Devesh Sodha’s Album Live

British composer Devesh Sodha is about to release a solo album, entitled Second Earth. He recently started a crowdfunding campaign in order to hire an orchestra and record his album live, in Budapest.

Second Earth will be published by Really Slow Motion. “Devesh Sodha is preparing a fantabulous album”, says the company. “In order to make his dream come true, he is putting together a campaign to make it happen”.

“This project started in September 2013”, Devesh explains. “I wanted to make my first commercial album for trailer music. It has been a big dream of mine to be able to work with an awesome team of people and get a live orchestra to play my music.”

Second Earth was co-composed by Stephen M. Lloyd and Anze Rozman, and will also feature various artists such as word-renowned cellist Tina Guo, ethnic vocalist Uyanga Bold, and singer Aeralie Brighton.

“NOTHING beats live musicians”, Devesh adds. “Your contributions will help me get the best musicians for the job and bring unreal power to this album!” The goal of the campaign is to raise €10,615.

Furthermore, Second Earth will only be released to professionals – in other words, it won’t be available for purchase through platforms such as iTunes or Amazon, and this crowdfunding campaign represents the only opportunity for fans to acquire a copy of the album before it is released.

Even if they don’t reach their goal, Deveh Sodha and his team will use the funding to do the best they can to make this album as big as it can be. “Depending on how much we receive, it will go towards getting a string section, album artwork and anything else we can do with the funding. Nothing will go to waste!”

To help Devesh Sodha record Second Earth live in Budapest, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/second-earth-album-orchestrated/x/7419929.

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December 11, 2014
Clothilde Lebrun