This Is EPIC Music Vol. 01, an Exciting Initiative from Imperativa Records

Imperativa Records just released a thrilling album – This Is Epic Music Vol. 01, the first compilation of epic trailer music ever. Featuring various leading artists in the genre, this album is a collection of tracks that “have been featured in trailers for Hollywood blockbusters and heard by millions.”

This Is Epic Music Vol. 01 is indeed “the first ever compilation album to feature top tracks from a variety of leading artists producing music in this increasingly popular, rapidly growing genre”, as Imperativa Records explains. Artists featured in this compilation include Jo Blankenburg, ICON Trailer Music, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, X-Ray Dog Music, Globus, ReallySlow Motion, Music Junkies, Hi-Finesse, Immediate Music, Riptide Music, Future World Music, Brand X Music, Larry Groupé, PostHaste Music and Mark Petrie.

Many of the tracks have been used in various blockbuster movie advertising campaigns – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3, Maleficent, Lucy, Captain America: Winter Soldier, 300: Rise of an Empire, Argo, How To Train Your Dragon…

The album was produced Immediate Music’s President and co-founder Yoav Goren, “himself a pioneering, Emmy award-winning composer in this genre”. He selected all the tracks for this album, “presenting these emotionally powerful and important works by the most innovative artists in the field. “These epic, cinematic masterpieces are created by some of the most passionate composers working in this extremely exciting genre of Epic Music,” enthuses Goren. “I dare anyone listening to this compilation to not be in awe at the majesty, beauty and emotional power of these musical gems.”


1. “Imperatrix Mundi” – Jo Blankenburg
2. “Dawning Promises” – ICON
3. “Satellite Debris” – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
4. “Choose Your Destiny” – X-Ray Dog Music
5. “Preliator” – Globus
6. “Aeorion” – Really Slow Motion
7. “Spirit of Darkness” – Music Junkies
8. “Rebith” – Hi-Finesse (featuring Natacha Atlas)
9. “Serenata Immortale” – Immediate
10. “Ultraviolence” – Cliff Lin
11. “Dream Chasers” – Armen Hambar (Future World Music)
12. “Legion” – Brand X Music
13. “In A Moment of Greatness” – Larry Groupé
14. “Aurora” – PostHaste Music
15. “Iron Poetry” – Really Slow Motion
16. “A Thousand Deaths” (Instrumental) – Globus
17. “The Day Is At Hand” – Immediate
18. “Carpe Noctum” – Mark Petrie
19. “Icarus Rising” – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
20. “Acts of Courage” – X-Ray Dog Music
21. “Garador’s Flight” – Jo Blankenburg
22. “A Legacy Uncovered” – ICON

 This Is EPIC Music Vol. 01 is available to the public for purchase through iTunes, Amazon and Imperativa Records. For licensing information, contact Imperativa Records.

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  1. Nikki says:

    I’ll buy this. I hope there are more compilations like this in the future.

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December 21, 2014
Clothilde Lebrun