New Epic Music from X-Ray Dog!

The company recently released four orchestral albums – Master, Leader, Shepherd and Pure Bred, featuring live recordings, inspiring themes and epic arrangements.




masterMaster focuses on action, drama, suspense and sci-fi. This intense, hybrid/orchestral album was composed by Chris Field and LeakyBrain (also known as Brian Rogers). “This is live recorded music from the Zlin sessions”, X-Ray Dog explains: “premium live produced epic trailer stuff. A ton of Chris Field.”



leaderWith Leader, you’ll find powerful, dramatic, epic and suspenseful hybrid/orchestral cues, with electronic elements. Leader features various composers – LeakyBrain, Rolf Anton Krueger, Chad C. Reisser, Daniel Semsen, Brian M. Steckler, Brian E. Kelley, Luciano Storti, Vladimir Hudec, Benjamin Nils Kopec, Assaf Rinde, Remi Yeghia Mazmanian, Shakeh Avanessian, Lior Rosner, and Jack Lawrence Starbuck Wilson.



ShepherdShepherd is an indie/orchestral album, offering uplifting, triumphant and anthemic music, sometimes with pop/rock influences, an “hybrid combination of live orchestra and pop band styles that really lift you up.” Shepherd also features a large team of composers – Chris Field, Assaf Rinde, Inon Zur, Brian E. Kelley, Luciano Storti, Rolf Anton Krueger, Jim Crew, Alistair Cooper, Chad C. Reisser, Corey Weldon Witt, Mark Griskey, Dillon Pace, Justin Bateman Knox, Daniel Kaplan Mandelman, Ian Christian Nickus, and Michael Vincent Fonte.



Pure bredThe latest release from X-Ray Dog offers inspiring and positive family/adventure music, with traditional orchestra. “Beautiful, epic, and powerful, Pure Bred is a stunning collection of compositions that are a perfect fit for adding an uplifting, inspired, and regal feel to lighter dramatic film and television marketing campaigns”, the company says. “These emotional, heartfelt, classical and grand compositions are recorded with live strings, and will compliment any production with dramatic majesty.” Pure Bred was composed by Michael Rubino, Assaf Rinde, Ben Devine, Norman Kim, Penka Kouneva, Daniel Walter, and Juan Carlos Suarez.

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These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact X-Ray Dog.

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    OH YES!!!! This is how you ROCK it!

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November 28, 2014
Clothilde Lebrun