Sub Pub Music: Remastered Albums now Available to the Public

Sub Pub Music recently released remastered versions of two of their albums, The Cauldron Born and Revolt. 

The new mastering was done by Audio Animals. Both albums were composed by Mikkel Heimburger, Creative Director at Sub Pub Music.

Originally released in 2013, The Cauldron Born offers “epic/hybrid, orchestral and hard-hitting tracks” as well as “ethereal and moody” cues.

Revolt is darker – a modern “mix of orchestral, urban and hybrid cues”. The musical atmosphere of the album evokes a futuristic and troubled world, where revolt is in the air.

The Cauldron Born and Revolt are both available to the public for purchase through iTunes and AmazonFor licensing information, contact Sub Pub Music.

UPDATE – Jan 23, 2017: new iTunes link

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April 29, 2014
Clothilde Lebrun