Gothic Storm: ‘Epic Emotional’ Album Series

Gothic Storm’s new album series is called Epic Emotional, a triptych formed by the albums Epic Emotional, Epic Emotional Rock and Epic Emotional Electronica.

It is a collection of “slow building, massive emotional tracks from Chris Haigh, Dan Graham and Gabriel Brosteanu with electronic co-written tracks by Rob Oxenbridge and Audio Android.” The first album, Epic Emotional, offers sweeping, majestic music, sometimes melancholic as well. 

Epic Emotional Rock, on the other hand, is an “album fusing rock elements with beautiful live strings and choir.”

Epic Emotional Electronica is comprised of more modern and punchy tracks, all hybrid electronic/orchestral.

The artwork was made by Sam Hayles (DOSEprod).

For licensing information, visit Gothic Storm’s website.

UPDATE – July 27, 2014: the Epic Emotional albums are now available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

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March 15, 2014
Clothilde Lebrun