Future World Music: Behold

Following Reign Of Vengeance and A Hero Will Rise, Behold is Future World Music’s third public album.

Memorable tracks from various industry releases, including Millennium, were included in this new compilation, such as the heroic “Water, Earth and Fire”, the romantic “Eternal Love”, the heart-rending “The Big Reveal”, the driving “Rapturous Moves”, or the magical “Odyssey”…

Behold will offer you nearly an hour and a half of unadultered epic and emotional music, perfect to start 2014!

Behold is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, visit Future World Music’s website.

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  1. Love it how they mixed in old tracks that were industry releases. I’ve been waiting for them to release a new album; finally it has arrived! RoV was one of the first albums that got me hooked to the epic genre, so I’m always on the hunt for their latest work.

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