Killer Tracks : Post-Apocalypse – Heroes Rise

Killer Tracks just released Post-Apocalypse: Heroes Rise. 

This album of epic proportions opens with a rather dark, dramatic and hybrid section, Imminent Disaster, followed by Rising From The Ashes, where the music progressively becomes more driving and heroic, to finally end on a positive and inspirational note with The World Is Saved.

Post-Apocalypse: Heroes Rise is “huge. Epic. Orchestral. Hybrid!” says Killer Tracks. “An 80 piece live orchestra combines with electronic synths and the occasional Rock ensemble to create the ultimate heroic musical experience.” With powerful compositions from David Travis Edwards, Mark Petrie, Max Concors, Lucas Vidal, Benoit Grey, Danny McCarthy, Jeff Cardoni, Miles Hankins and Christian Telford, this new album may indeed be the company’s “most epic orchestral-hybrid album EVER”.

Post-Apocalypse: Heroes Rise is currently not available to the public for purchase. However, fans can preview the entire album on Killer Tracks’ website. For licensing information, please visit their website.

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December 20, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun