Soundtracks And Trailer Music Interviews Yoav Goren From Immediate Music

A few months ago, Pete and Steve from Soundtracks And Trailer Music were able to meet Yoav Goren, co-founder and composer of Immediate Music. During a 20-minute video interview, Yoav Goren revealed some exciting news – including a live concert tour in Europe in 2014.

Goren also answered several general questions – such as what trailer music is, how Immediate Music was founded, how the industry evolved over the years, and why the man on the Trailerhead: Triumph album cover has only four fingers – yes, the mystery is finally solved!

This video interview includes subtitles in four different languages – English, French (made by yours truly), German and Czech. “To spread the word as much as possible we are really happy to provide you with subtitles in French, German, English and Czech so that not only non-natives but also deaf viewers can understand what this is all about”, Soundtracks and Trailer Music explains. “If you think now that you would like to help us out with even more subtitles (e.g. Spanish, Russian or Chinese) please contact us so that we can put them up and reach even more people around the globe.”

2014 should be a very exciting year for European fans, but 2013 is also significant as it marks Immediate Music’s 20th anniversary!

For more information about this video interview, feel free to visit Soundtracks And Trailer Music’s website.

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November 24, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun