Full Tilt Releases End Game to the Public

Full Tilt’s End Game, originally released to the industry in 2012, is now available to the public through digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

Delivering epic and dramatic music, End Game‘s tracks have been used in various movie advertising campaigns. “Own this otherworldly album that features tracks included in trailers for Ender’s Game, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Saint’s Row IV and more!” says Non-Stop Music. ” This album is the definition of intense.”

Fans may particularly enjoy  “Ascendance”, “Risen”, “Heroes will Rise”, and “Eclipse”. End Game was composed by Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen from Ninja Tracks, the creative masterminds behind the Full Tilt series, now owned by Non-Stop Music.

End Game is also the second public release from Full Tilt, following Sagaa compilation of some of their very best cues, released earlier this year.

End Game is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

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November 12, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun