Composing is Like Chasing a Yeti!

Guess who said this?

The latest issue of the monthly online magazine Burst featuring an interview with Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen, the famous composers of Two Steps from Hell. Hell, even the logo of the company is placed on the cover! The four pages long interview is enjoyable, interesting and easy to read, because the interviewer  is a self-confessed fun of the duo’s epic music. But if you have no time to read this is, here’s what we learned from the interview in nutshell:

  • The lead is so cool that I need to copy it: “What happens when a challenge-hungry Trondhaim-natie, clearly “born-in-the-wrong” country, starts aruging on an online music forum over samples, with a London-born, “unfriendly-classmate-&-a-stray-dogfighter?” It could be the start of a joke.
  • The origin of the name: Two Steps From Hell simply and undoubtedly sounds cool. Although Thomas starts philosophizing about the meaning of the name.
  •  Thomas would raise Gustav Mahler from the dead just to finish his last symphony.
  • The concert at Los Angeless Walt Disney Concert Hall was an incredible experience, but the organization required awefully lot of money and time. The names of Berlin, Prague, London, Paris, London, Venice, Vianna, Amsterdam, Oslo emerged as possible hosts of an european concert. No dates. No details. Just rumors. Not even rumors, ideas. Don’t panic.
  • Nick’s favorite tracks are “Master of Shadows”, “Am I Not Human” and “1000 Ships of the Underworld”.
  • A funny simile from Thomas:  “the holy grail of melodies is litterally in front of us at the piano… always elusive, though, kind of like the Yeti…”

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