Hi-Finesse: Axiom and Adagios

Adagios is Hi-Finesse’s latest trailer music release, preceded by Axiom.

Two years in the making, Axiom features dark, modern and aggressive hybrid electronic/ orchestral music: “hard-hitting modern percussive cues that can carry an entire 2 minute trailer!” says Hi-Finesse. Their goal was to offer music that would define and evolve the contemporary trailer sound, and the tracks have already been used in various movie advertising campaigns, such as Elysium, Spiderman, Total Recall, White House Down, Enders Game, Percy Jackson 2…

The Elysium trailer features “Radius”:

Axiom was composed by Erich Lee, Jez Colin, Joseph Bauer, Mitchell Marlow, and Mike Raznick.

Adagios is a modern collection of epic, dramatic and emotional music, also blending electronic sounds and traditional orchestra, but in a softer way, with heart-rending female vocals and haunting strings.

For Adagios, Hi-Finesse created more serene and uplifting music. “We wanted it to bridge the gap between the electronic and orchestral compositions that we are inspired by”, Hi-Finesse explains. The result in an album of “uplifting orchestral electronic tracks that build to a climactic back end. Adagios is Hi-Finesse’s definitive collection of epic and emotionally charged blockbuster anthems.”

Adagios was composed by Erich Lee, Joseph Bauer, Josh Fielstra, Mike Raznick and Robbie Nevil.

Both albums feature live solo instrumentalists and soloists, in addition to sampled orchestra.

Adagios and Axiom are currently not available to the public for purchase; you can discover preview tracks on the Hi-Finesse website. For licensing information, contact them. Fans will be happy to hear that the company may consider releasing albums to the public in the future!

About Hi-Finesse

Hi-Finesse Music And Sound is a music production company, based in Santa Monica, California, and focusing on music for motion picture and video game advertising.

The company was founded in 2008. Early credits include the first Thor teaser trailer and The Last Airbender Super Bowl spot. Since then, Hi-Finesse has worked on hundreds of ad-campaigns, including several of the biggest grossing movies in history, such as The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3. Their catalog includes orchestral, electronic, rock-hybrid, acoustic piano and specialty FX based albums; they also compose custom music scored to picture.

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August 3, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun