Dos Brains’ Third Rail – Dark Territory

“Beware, high voltage”! Dos Brains releases Dark Territory, the debut album of their new catalog Third Rail. Dark Territory is an hybrid album with few orchestral elements and many dark and aggressive sounds, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

“The debut release, Dark Territory, begins a journey though the desolation, anger, and fear, as well as the dreams and hopes of a dark new world. Dark Territory contains 25 music beds, 25 transitions/intros and 30 percussive beds. Orchestral elements, if any, have been kept to a minimum. Where this journey ends is anyone’s guess.”

Dark Territory was composed by a dynamic team – Nico Barry, Steve Buick, Or Chausha, Guillermo De La Barreda, Dirk Ehlert, Colin Fisher, Rene Garza, Tomas Jacobi, William Kingswood, Itay Steinberg, Steve Sykes, Randy Torres, and Roman Weinstein.

Third Rail, Dos Brains’ new catalog, focuses on dark, powerful hybrid rock/electronic music, with few orchestral elements. Dos Brains notes, “Third Rail is a trailer music catalog with an aggressive rock’n roll and electronic attitude.” It features “gritty grooves, dark riffs and powerful themes forge an intense and electrifying sound aimed at motion picture and video game advertising.”

Dos Brains is on FacebookYoutube, and SoundCloud.

Dark Territory is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Dos Brains at or visit They will release public albums soon – stay tuned!

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July 3, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun