Gargantuan Music: Infinite

Gargantuan Music just released their second album, Infinite, a collection of epic hybrid/orchestral cues.

“Infinite is the result of over two years work to produce an album of vast scale and energy, incorporating full orchestra, angelic choirs and cutting edge electronics to deliver an immense listening experience”, says Gargantuan Music. “An emotional roller coaster, that reflects the power and excitement that is Hollywood today!”

Infinite was composed by  R. Simeon Bowring, founder of Gargantuan Music, Michele Brustia and Paul Bjørling from Proofsound, and Matt Bowdler.

A third album is already in the works – entitled Trailer Openers, it will feature “25 stunning, emotional 1st Act cues”!

Infinite is available to the public for purchase through iTunes, Amazon and CDBabyFor licensing information, contact Gargantuan MusicYou can also preview the entire album on SoundCloud

Don’t forget to follow Gargantuan Music on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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July 6, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun