Fringe Element: Book of Secrets

Fringe Element releases Book of Secrets, an album full of mysteries, adventure and magic.

“The folks at Fringe Element decided that they have been far too serious, so they embarked on a journey to create their very first live orchestra recorded Fantasy Adventure album entitled Book Of Secrets“, Fringe Element explains. While a departure from the dark apocalyptic and epic themes from previous releases, they thought it was time to have a little fun for a change and bring the magic.”

And the magic is indeed here! Book of Secrets will take you on a marvellous musical journey. “The album covers a range of timeless fantasy themes, from big sweeping adventure, to more enchanted, magical motifs.”

Like Goliath, Fringe Element’s previous release, Book of Secrets was recorded live with Capellen Orchestra in Czech Republic, and mixed and mastered at the Trevor Morris studios in Santa Monica, California.

“Producing duo, Composer David Edwards and Executive Producer Sean Harrison, decided early on to enlist the services of a number of different top line composers to the project to help give the album more range and diversity. Jim Hill, an accomplished Film & Television recording engineer with a reputation for a big cinematic sound, was bought on board to add some movie magic which this album has in abundance.”

Fringe Element is a boutique trailer music catalog focusing on music for trailers for various media, including film, television and video games; it is part of the Angry Mob Music Group. Feel free to follow Fringe Element on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Book of Secrets is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Sean Harrison at or (310) 857-6389.

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July 31, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun