Fringe Element: Goliath

Fringe Element’s new industry release is Goliath, a dark and epic hybrid/orchestral album, composed by the talented David Travis Edwards and Daniel Nielsen.

“Get ready for the dark, post-apocalyptic hybrid of epic proportions from David Travis Edwards and Daniel Nielsen!” Fringe Element says. The “musical themes contained in the collection cover a range from dark, postapocalyptic hybrid to more dramatic, epic landscapes.”

Goliath was recorded live, with the Capellen Orchestra in Czech Republic. All music was composed and arranged by David Edwards and Daniel Nielsen; the album was produced by Sean Harrison and David Edwards, and mixed by Jim Hill at Trevor Morris Studios.

At Trevor Morris Studios

At Trevor Morris Studios

“From the get-go we wanted to produce an amazing album that would not only add support to the visuals within trailers, but would truly inspire the creative process from the beginning of a project”, Sean Harrison says. “We wanted it to be more about good music, and less about simply smashing people over their heads with bombastic tracks. I believe this album has a nice balance of both.” (source: Goliath press release)

Capellen Orchestra

Capellen Orchestra

Fringe Element is a boutique trailer music catalog focusing on music for trailers for various media, including film, television and video games; it is a part of the Angry Mob Music Group. Feel free to follow Fringe Element on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Goliath is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Sean Harrison at or (310) 857-6389. A public release will take place later in 2013!

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June 11, 2013
Clothilde Lebrun