The Growing Success of Trailer Music in Various Shows

Trailer music is used more and more often in various shows and events around the world.

It clearly seems that what we call “trailer music” isn’t music for film, television and games advertising only anymore. Even though this music is still created, and meant, for such advertising campaigns, it is now used in more than just trailers, teasers and TV spots – various major shows and events around the world have already used this kind of cinematic music. “Trailer music” has become more than just music for trailers.

Here are some examples.


So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance, a televised dance competition show, sometimes features dancers who choose epic trailer music for their performances. In July 2011, the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (aka the LXD) used a custom version of “Bernini’s Angels”, by Kerry Muzzey, made specifically for the show.

A year later, in July 2012, the team danced on another cue by Kerry Muzzey, “Architect of the Mind”.

During that same month of July, “Unstoppable”, by E.S. Posthumus, was played.

America’s Got Talent

On August 30th, 2011, the semi-finals of this TV show, which organizes a competition between various talents, featured a team of dancers (again!) who picked two tracks by Immediate Music for their performance: “Generations” and “Shield of Faith”.


In most of the recent Olympic Games, trailer music was used. It was not only featured in opening montages, but also played at various moments during the games.

2004 Summer Olympic Games – Athens, Greece

In the opening introduction, “Salvation”, by Immediate Music, plays at 02:15.

2006 Winter Olympic Games – Turin, Italy

The opening introduction features three cues by Immediate Music – “Onward to Glory”, “Kingmaker”, and “Barbarians at the Gate”. In 2007, Immediate even received an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Music Composition in a Sports Program” for their work on these Olympic Games.

2008 Summer Olympic Games – Beijing, China

“The Brave Shall Rise”, by Immediate Music, can be heard at 02:16 in the opening introduction.

2010 Winter Olympic Games – Vancouver, Canada

This time, “Protectors of the Earth”, by Two Steps From Hell, was used in the opening introduction, at 02:05, as well as “Hymn of the Rising” by audiomachine, at 05:50.

2012 Summer Olympic Games – London, United Kingdom

“Eterna”, by Audiomachine, was used in the opening montage. “Heart of Courage”, by Two Steps From Hell, was played during the Summer Olympics as well, and could be heard in the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic Games athletics finals.


Several tracks from E.S. Posthumus were used. “Rise to Glory”, an extended version of “Posthumus Zone”, was used as theme for the NFL on CBS. “Unstoppable” and “Arise” were selected as themes for the AFC Championship, also on CBS, while “Heart of Courage”, by Two Steps From Hell, was used in the beginning of the UEFA Euro 2012.


French firework conceptors seem to have become fans of trailer music. This genre is getting used more and more often in various shows throughout the country!

Festival of Pyrotechnic Art of Saint-Cloud: “Le Grand Feu” – Saint-Cloud, France

The biggest firework show of Europe, entitled “Le Grand Feu” (which means “The Great Firework”), took place in September 2012 near Paris, and featured several great pieces of trailer music:

00:00 : “Freedom Fighters” – Two Steps From Hell

35:06: “Battle Of The Kings (No Choir)” – audiomachine

37:45: “The Prophecy” – audiomachine

52:33: “Ancient Cities” – Two Steps From Hell

53:24: “Heart of Courage” – Two Steps From Hell

01:04:43 (the grand finale): “Protectors of the Earth” – Two Steps From Hell

Needless to say that this show was truly spectacular.

Firework show: “Apparences” – La Defense, France

This show, entitled “Apparences” (“Appearances” in English), also went on in September 2012 near Paris, in a major business district. The show offered “Surrender to Hope”, by Immediate Music, at 30:54.

Festival of Pyrotechnic Art of Cannes – Cannes, France

This festival took place on July 14th, 2012. The theme was the epic war between Good and Evil: “Good and Evil: the perpetual struggle”.  If you have a close look at the music program, you will notice that half of it actually trailer music.


Part I : Birth of Angels & Universe creation

“Come sei veramente” – Giovanni Allevi

“Adagio in C minor” – Yanni

“Adiemus” – Karl Jenkins

Part II : Darkness & Negativity

“Hellboy II Titles” – Danny Elfman

“Wolf attack “- Atli Örvarsson

“Soeran Infertus” – audiomachine

Part III : Angels & Demons struggle – Good & Evil

“Arcana” – Globus 

“Blackmail” – audiomachine 

“Tomb Raider drums” – audiomachine 

“Unstoppable” – E. S. Posthumus

Part IV : Good Victory – Joy & Peace come back

“Oratio sanctus” – Immediate Music 

“9th Symphony D minor, op. 125, Presto, Allegro assai” – Ludwig van Beethoven

_ _ _

Have you already heard epic trailer music in other interesting shows or events? If so, feel free to let us know – we would be happy to hear about it!

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  1. Wow, just awesome, didnt know about that

  2. Mark Harrison says:

    I know the UK show “Top Gear” uses loads of trailer music in it’s show to pretty good effect (stylishly shot car reviews and challenges) Most of the music I know but every so often they’ll throw in one I haven’t heard (and like!) and I have to guess if it’s trailer music or from a film or TV show! I’ve even heard some in “MasterChef”! And Dr Who trailers have used 2SFH in the past (Tristan)

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