Top Ten Funniest Moments in the History of Trailer Music

Discover some epic moments in the history of trailer music!

1. The a capella version of the famous cue “Mind Heist”, composed by Zack Hemsey and featured in the Inception trailer #2. Featuring the no less famous “brawwww” sound.

2. The misheard lyrics of “With Great Power”, by Immediate Music (track composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic). Never snooze in front of balsa-carving men!

3. When the managers of Facebook pages get tired, status become a bit… weird.

4. The mysterious four-fingered man on the cover of the album Trailerhead:Triumph, by Immediate Music.

This blue man can also mutate – inside the CD sleeve, he has four…no, wait, five fingers.

6. A Debenhams employee getting sick of the piece “Illumielle”, composed Jo Blankenburg (album: Elysium, by Position Music). This track was indeed used in a Debenhams Christmas advert and played all day long in stores… (screen capture made from the Youtube video page)

7. A fan playing the cue “Trinity” composed by James Dooley (album: Orchestral Series Vol. 02, by Position Music), in a rather unexpected place… Fans sometimes do crazy things. (screen capture made from Facebook)

Epic moments in the lives of fans

8. Brand X Music hard at work. (picture posted on their Facebook page)

9. The origins of the name of the company X-Ray Dog, explained by composer Chris Field : “I think it was a third choice for a name but it was the one that was available for a publishing company. I think one of the other names was “Parched Penguin”! Imagine the art work for that after 30 CD’s!” (excerpt from an interview with Trailer Music News)

10. The Two Steps From Hell composers dressed up for Halloween, and wearing kitchen paper or sunglasses. (screen captures made from the official “To Die On Halloween” music video)

Bonus: Troels Folmann, from 8Dio, making music with (empty) beer bottles. Hail the beer bottle!

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  1. trailerman says:

    I had a really good laugh. Thanks TMN!

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December 29, 2012
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