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Heroes is Fired Earth Music’s fourteenth volume, and the company’s best release to date. Heroes is an album of dark, epic and heroic music, with dramatic and emotive themes. It offers iconic, epic, heroic trailer cues for cutting-edge action movies”, according to Fired Earth Music. “Orchestral behemoths, featuring unmistakable intros and all-time backends. Dark brass, memorable string themes, vocals and guitars.”

Heroes was composed by Mark Petrie, Inon Zur, Jermaine Stegall, Charles Evans and Jochen Flach. This new opus was recorded in Budapest, Hungary. Here is some footage from the recording sessions (track featured in the video: “Black Angels Rise”):

While some cues of the album are hybrid/orchestral, others are more traditional. Heroes opens with a dark and epic piece, “Black Angels Rise”, quickly followed by “Infinite, Immortal”, modern and powerful.

A few tracks later, you will find “From Dusk to Fall” – an hybrid rock/orchestra cue, with an interesting build-up, and similar in style (and name) to Methodic Doubt’s famous “Lonely Dusk”. Needless to say that fans of the latter one will probably enjoy “From Dusk To Fall” a lot as well!

Another great cue is “The Sorcerer”, dark, heroic, featuring ethereal female vocals, and dramatic and emotional strings:

Finally, don’t forget to read the interview with the talented composers of Heroes – Mark Petrie, Inon Zur, Jermaine Stegall, Charles Evans and Jochen Flach!

Heroes is available to the public for purchase through iTunes. For licensing information, visit the Fired Earth Music website.

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