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Gothic Storm just released three albums to movie advertising clients. It is a series of Epic Speed music. In other words, an orchestra playing epic melodies very fast, at a sustained pace.

The first item of this Epic Speed series – and the one that interest us most – is entitled Epic SpeedIt is a “12 blistering premium-budget epic choral trailer cues built around the concept of speed”, according to Gothic Storm. “With live choirs and string players from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, this is perfect music for pumping adrenaline, fast movement and high-speed pursuits”. Epic Speed was composed by Chris Haigh and Dan Graham.

You may particularly enjoy tracks such as “Forces Unite”, “Resist Extinction” and “Last Stand”. Here is a demo of the album:

The second album of the Epic Speed series is Epic Speed Metal, and contains metal/rock variations of the tracks from the main album of the series of the same name, Epic Speed. The third opus, Epic Speed Percussion, offers percussion cues: “layers of cutting edge sound design and overwhelming waves of frenetic energy make this perfect for adrenaline-pumping fast-moving high-speed pursuits.”

In addition to the industry release of the Epic Speed albums, Gothic Storm has also decided to make several albums from their catalog public. Rockestral Euphoria and Epic Emotional Piano, which have both been previously released to the industry, are now available to the public as well, through digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

While the epic and dynamic Rockestral Euphoria was composed by Kyle Robertson, Chris Haigh, Dan Graham, Thomas Player and Wayne Dineley, the beautiful Epic Emotional Piano was entirely composed by Chris Haigh.

Here is a preview track from Rockestral Euphoria, “Ascend to Power”:

“Memories Flooding Back”, from Epic Emotional Piano:

Finally, feel free to read an interview with two of the Gothic Storm composers – Dan Graham and Chris Haigh – that the company recently published on Facebook, for the release of the Epic Speed albums.

For licensing information, visit Gothic Storm’s websiteRockestral Euphoria and Epic Emotional Piano are available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

UPDATE – December 15, 2013: An Epic Speed compilation is now available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

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