Two Steps From Hell in Concert

After Immediate Music and their first concert with their band Globus in 2006, Two Steps From Hell is the second trailer music company to take the plunge… and make the decision to organize a concert.

This event, highly-anticipated by fans and requested countless times, is now close to come to reality. A few months ago, Two Steps From Hell mentioned on their site that they were working on making a concert happen. It is now confirmed that there will be one, in Los Angeles, next year, on June 14th. For this special occasion – their world premiere – Two Steps From Hell has decided to play in a large concert hall – Disney Hall – with a big orchestra and choir. “It’s official. Two Steps From Hell is doing a concert, and it’s not just any concert. This spring/summer you can experience our music performed live by a massive orchestra and choir in one of the greatest concert halls of the world: Two Steps From Hell – live at Disney Hall, Los Angeles, USA – June 14th, 2013!”

Fans now hope that some of the female vocalists that performed on several famous Two Steps From Hell tracks, such as Merethe Soltvedt and Aya Peard, will take part to the concert.

Tickets aren’t available yet.

The fan project Two Steps In Concert, later renamed Trailer Music Liveand organized by the Filmharmonie Frankfurt, is, as a result, cancelled. However, this fan team still intends to organize concerts of trailer music in Europe in the future. “In this context, we want to cancel our current crowdfunding campaign, so all our previous supporters have the opportunity to use their money for the original in LA. Possibly our contact to Nick + Thomas was the trigger for the original world premiere, so we think that our campaign is already connected with a win for all 2SFH fans. Nevertheless, we continue to work on our own trailer music concerts. Informations about the first concert in Germany will soon be on our Facebook page, on or”

On a side note, Two Steps From Hell’s latest release, SkyWorld, is now available as physical CD via and Amazon. You can also buy it in digital format via iTunes, Amazon and CBBaby.

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9 responses to “Two Steps From Hell in Concert”

  1. Ben says:

    This is fantastic. LA is a bit far from the UK, so will buy the DVD 🙂

  2. psl says:

    Great News!

    • Ibnpatuta says:

      Ben… I’m sorry.

      Evidently some contractual limitations prevented them from filming the evening.

      I am lucky to be living in Southern California, so I was able to make it. It was a beautiful evening. I hope they have many, many more concerts so that more people can experience the pure energy that was felt that evening. I think we all found it difficult to stay sitting calmly in our seats at some points. TSFH did put a few iPhone videos of their concert up on their Facebook, so I would check there, but they don’t really do justice to the enormity of the sound in that hall.

      Their next concert is supposed to be in Europe – I hope you can make it!

  3. Raziel says:

    too far:(

  4. AHHHHHH Why do I live in Europe? Why???

  5. greg says:

    Tournée à Paris ? Londres ? PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

  6. domino says:

    im from slovakia. i like two steps from hell

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