Genesis, Mark Petrie’s First Public Release

Following the requests of many fans, composer Mark Petrie has released a compilation of some of his best tracks.

Mark Petrie, mainly known for his music featured in several blockbuster movie trailers (The Green Lantern, The Amazing Spider-Man), just released his first solo album, entitled Genesis. This album is public, unlike the rest of Mark’s music which is available for licensing only (through libraries such as PostHaste Music, Montage Mx, and Royalty Free Music).

“This first album from composer Mark Petrie features some of his most popular epic trailer tracks including “Richat”, “Kara Kul” and “Asperatus”. Available to customers who buy the album are two never before heard re-mixes and evocative film music.” The piece “Richat” was indeed featured in the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer, while “Kara Kul” can be heard in The Green Lantern trailer. 

Listen to them here:

Genesis contains several styles of music, from drama to adventure, including majestic themes, uplifting tunes and evocative pieces. On the overall, it offers very epic, intense and emotional music, with a lot of impact. The strength of Genesis (and Mark Petrie’s music in general) also comes from the fact that it combines modern sounds with traditional orchestra and choir, in a very dynamic way. As a fan said on YoutubeCan this guy ever make something bad? Like, is it in his blood? […] What is it about Mark that has me so Petrie-fied with every track he puts out??!”  To know more about Mark Petrie, you can read our recent interview with him.

Here is another epic piece, “Proioxis”:

The release of Genesis was made possible by the support of fans. Thanks for all your support!” Mark Petrie says of Facebook. “It’s because of you guys and your interest in my work that this album got released. Depending on the demand for this first album, there could be more in the not-so-distant future 🙂 “

Genesis is available to the public for purchase through iTunesAmazonCDBaby and BandcampFor licensing information, contact Mark Petrie.

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September 13, 2012
Clothilde Lebrun