Philippe Rey: The Mythomelodeicon

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Announced a few weeks ago, The Mythomelodeicon is now out. This album is “a compilation of Epic Music i composed for trailers, video games, and films during the year 2012″, Philippe Rey explains. “It includes 15 pieces (6 tracks to download for free). This album is a sequel to my previous album Epic Music” .

Influences are many (as Greg Edmonson, Hans Zimmer, Gregson-Williams…). It also includes a track featuring Zefora, an amazing singer with whom I had the chance to collaborate in the past. The whole album is dominated by powerful choirs and orchestra, but also dotted with quiet and mysterious atmospheres.” The album cover art was made by Eric Basiletti.

Here are some great preview tracks – “Princess Warrior”:

“Dark Angel”:

 The album cover art was made by Eric Basiletti.

The Mythomelodeicon features many epic tracks, which you may enjoy a lot.

About Philippe Rey

Philippe Rey is a French composer who  has “spent 15 years as a live performer before venturing into the world of soundtrack music. Influenced by heavyweights like Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams, Philippe has become a prolific writer of high-impact Dramatic, Classical, and Tribal film score music. His work can be heard in numerous film trailers, 3D animation movies, video games, short films, and a great European live show.” If you are curious to know more about him,  you can find him on FacebookTwitterYoutube and SoundCloud.

The Mythomelodeicon is available to the public for purchase through Bandcamp. For licensing information, contact Philippe Rey.

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July 28, 2012
Clothilde Lebrun