Jo Blankenburg’s Upcoming Album Elysium

Jo Blankenburg’s next album will be released in a few weeks. 

After Vendetta (released in 2011), here’s Elysium, Jo Blankenburg’s next album. Like Vendetta, Elysium is a trailer music album that will be released by Position Music, to professionals and to the public. The release date of Elysium is coming closer and closer -it should be out in a few weeks only.

In the meanwhile, Jo Blankenburg has already shared various (and tasty!) pieces of information regarding his new album, via his Facebook page. So, we already know that:

  • this new album is called Elysium and, like Vendetta, it seems that there is a whole story and concept behind it… Jo also stated that “Melody is King” was the guiding principle when he conceived the music for his new album.
  • Elysium was recorded in Zlin, Czech Republic, during three days.


  • it contains choir lyrics in Latin and Sanskrit
  • there was a vocal recording session with one-of-a-kind singer Felicia Farerre
  • there was also a vocal recording session with Dominik Brychta for two pieces of the album.
  • in addition to this, Jo “recorded the highly-motivated, 60-piece Capellen Choir today that truly injected soul and personality into the 11 pieces.”
  • the conductor of the orchestra was Petr Pololanik
  • Jo even “recorded a record-breaking 52-piece string section with 6 concertmasters in the first violins and three first chairs in all the other sections”!
  • the track listing is:  Illumielle – Ascencia – Leaving Lemuria – Gryphonheart – Theogony – Voyage dans la Lune – Terra Mirus – Arion – Garador’s Flight – Zephyrus – Empyrea. Which makes a total of 11 tracks.
  • we can have a glimpse of the artwork for Elysium, thanks to this nice Facebook cover:


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