Immediate Music: Quantum

Quantum is the latest orchestral addition to the Immediate Music catalog, featuring epic action and drama cues. 

“Quantum…..our current release of cutting edge, orchestral and hybrid music for the motion picture advertising industry…..that means TRAILERS!!” Immediate Music says.

Here’s a preview of the album – needless to say that it sounds marvelous!

Immediate Music has also shared a making-of: “Short film created by Amit Goren showing Immediate Music’s Yoav Goren and engineer Greg Townley, along with a small army of Czech musicians and technicians, in central Prague recording material for Immediate’s epic 2012 production “Quantum”. Project produced by Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman.”You can even see Yoav Goren eat an apple at the end of the video – eating apples can be sometimes be epic.

Quantum is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, visit the Immediate Music website.

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2 responses to “Immediate Music: Quantum”

  1. Harbinger says:

    What a shame..i really love “Rise of the chosen”

  2. Lunarea says:

    Shame…I listened to the Quantum demo loads of times, and I really wanted to hear the rest of the first tract, “The District”!!!

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May 6, 2012
Clothilde Lebrun