PostHaste Music Vol. 10: Epic and Inspirational

The PostHaste Music library now features one more album, Vol 10 – Epic and Inspirational.

With tracks composed by various composers, including Mark Petrie, this album is definitely one of the best releases by PostHaste so far, if not the best one.

The particularity of this album is indeed that it mainly contains tracks by Mark Petrie. You probably have already heard many of them, as almost all of them were shared by Mark Petrie over the last months, via  his Facebook page or his SoundCloud account, due to the increasing amount of interest of fans for his music. And there’s clearly a reason why: Mr. Petrie has written excellent tracks. Here is an example, “Lethal Eloquence”:

Another good example is “Omega Point”:

You might have even wondered where all these tracks would end up one day… Well, here is the answer; most of them are now compiled in PostHaste’s latest album, for the greatest pleasure of the fans (myself included) as well as music supervisors, I guess – one of the tracks, “Aurora”, has already been chosen for a big movie campaign, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. It is very likely that more trailers and teasers featuring Mark Petrie’s tracks will follow.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer:

The other composers that worked for Vol 10 – Epic and Inspirational are Gina Brigida, Jonathan Pierre, and Jonathan Geer, who all did great tracks as well, such as “Absolution” or “Dreaming on a Cloud”.

On a side note, PostHaste recenly extended their catalogue and signed Bing Bang Boom! Music: PostHaste Music Library ( is proud to announce the expansion of our library through a new partnership with acclaimed composer Bill Byrne and his esteemed Bing Bang Boom! Music and Sound Design catalog ( […] Beginning on February 14th, 2012, Bing Bang Boom’s catalog will be available for licensing exclusively in the United States through PostHaste Music Library. Please don’t hesitate to call for any information about this exciting partnership.

The announcement was made via PostHaste’s site, as well as Facebook, where they also shared this delicious picture of lovely cupcakes customized for this special event; they look very tasty, don’t they?

Vol. 10: Epic and Inspirational is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact PostHaste Music.

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March 13, 2012
Clothilde Lebrun