Fracture: More Tracks, and Already a Placement!

TMN announced Fracture last month, and it generated a lot of excitement. It must have been received well, because it has already received its first placement! A new TV spot for Snow White & the Huntsman features “Born From the Gods”. This is not your mother’s fairy tale:

It’s one thing to listen to Fracture on it’s own, but hearing it in the medium it was meant for really shows the power, and flexibility, of the music. This TV spot continues to show off the visuals and special effects that really set Snow White & the Huntsman apart, while also getting the story across in only 60 seconds. With the modern edginess of the music, you can’t help but realize that this is a modern and completely new retelling of Snow White.

Fracture was founded by the creative minds behind Heavy Melody and the Heavyocity sample libraries. Neil Goldberg, Dave Fraser, and Ari Winters created unique sounds for this release and the result is impressive to say the least.

More tracks have been released to the public since we published the original announcement, and you can check them all out below:

Heavy Melody’s trailer work is being represented exclusively by Dos Brains. For licensing information and other inquiries you can reach them at:

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March 28, 2012
Michael Morone