New Avengers Trailer Features City of the Fallen

The big news yesterday was the release of a new Avengers trailer. I never really understood the hype around this film until I saw the short teaser after the credits of Captain America last year.  For some reason, it really struck a chord with me, and I finally ‘got’ it. It was like the past decade of Marvel movies was leading to this moment. It’s unprecedented really. I can’t think of any comparable film, where the heroes of four different films come together in one. In that respect, I find The Avengers really exciting. With that kind of build up though, the bar is set pretty high.

Unfortunately, the first trailer disappointed me. It seemed Iron Man centric, and didn’t really get across the team aspect that I find unique about the film. The Superbowl spot was a step up though, ending on a great circling shot of all the superheroes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they ended this new trailer with that same shot.

Perhaps Inception made it cliche, but I really enjoy the loud, biting blasts of brass here. However, the main attraction is the back end track: “Prince of Darkness” from City of the Fallen’s Vol. 2: Exsilium. To the best of my knowledge, this is the most high profile placement that City of the Fallen has seen. Ryan Amon has frequently posted tracks on his Facebook page for fans, and it’s great to hear his music in a trailer, where it was meant to be heard.

If you want to learn a little more about Ryan Amon, check out our interview from 2009. You can purchase City of the Fallen’s recent public release, Divinus, from CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.We’re fans of Ryan’s music here, and I hope we hear more of it in trailers.

via City of the Fallen’s FB page

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  1. trailerman says:

    Finally Ryan’s music is used!

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March 1, 2012
Michael Morone