Heavy Melody: Fracture

You may not be familiar with Heavy Melody, but chances are you’ve heard their music and sound design on film, TV, video games and other media. Composers know them as Heavyocity: the team responsible for award winning sample libraries like Evolve and Damage. Neil Goldberg, Dave Fraser, and Ari Winters are the composers and sound designers behind these projects, and now they have come together to bring their talents to the trailer music world.

The result is Fracture.

Fracture includes tracks that are a hybrid of orchestral, electronic, rock and sound design elements. Heavy Melody actually created brand new sounds specifically for this release. Setting out to make something new and ear catching, the result is trailer music that’s unique, modern and full of impact.

The album covers drama, action, and has an epic scale. Check out the track above to feel the level of intensity this album reaches. Top film and trailer composers, like James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, and Brian Tyler, already turn to Heavyocity’s samples in their work. It’s not a stretch to think that trailer editors and music supervisors will soon be turning to Fracture.

About Heavy Melody

Heavy Melody’s team of composers/sound designers (Neil Goldberg, Dave Fraser, and Ari Winters) produce brand-defining music, sound design, and dialog for the film, television, and video-game industries. Launched in 2003, Heavy Melody client’s include EA, 2k Games, Atari, Obsidian Entertainment, Eden Games, The NFL, Sony, Gillette, NBC, and many others. (Facebook)

Heavyocity Media produces world-class virtual instruments for today’s modern composer and sound designer. The philosophy is simple: provide innovative, inspiring sounds and textures that enhance productivity without disrupting the creative process. (Facebook)

Heavy Melody’s trailer work is being represented exclusively by Dos Brains.

 Fracture is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact dos brains at: rightbrain@dosbrains.com or by calling 310.210.2136.

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    Very cool! Waiting for more sound examples… 🙂

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February 24, 2012
Michael Morone