Enhanced Version of Thomas-Adam Habuda’s The Freak Inside

Thomas-Adam Habuda just released an enhanced version of his first solo album, The Freak Inside. 

The remastered (Enhanced) version of The Freak Inside just got released on Bandcamp is lossless format(s). Now it’s clearer, wider and more epic, including a bonus piece ūüėČ I uploaded the promo with the new versions, I hope you’ll like it!”Thomas-Adam Habuda says.

This is indeed a remastered version of the album, which also includes a bonus track. Furthermore, The Freak Inside is now available in lossless audio format – 44,1H / 16bit (CD quality) as well as…48Hz / 32 bit! There is no doubt that audiophiles will be very pleased of that. All of this for the very reasonable price of $14,99. There is now absolutely no excuse for not buying this wonderful album.

Here is a demo of the enhanced version of the album:

The Freak Inside was originally released in December.

The enhanced version of The Freak Inside is available to the public for purchase through Bandcamp. For licensing information, contact Thomas-Adam Habuda.

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