Shockwave Sound: Cinematic Themes Vol. 03 & 04

Shockwave Sound added two volumes to their Cinematic Themes collection.

Cinematic Themes Vol. 03: “Music for grand stories… Our Cinematic Themes collections feature awe inspiring music of epic journeys and fantastic discoveries. The moods and atmospheres of this music ranges from amazement to fear, from tension to glory; but what these tracks have in common is that they are highly suitable for “movie soundtrack” style productions, whether it be a pirate story, a fantasy game, or a space/sci-fi movie. These tracks will bring a sense of discovery, wonder and drama to your production. This collection features 13 themes”.

Cinematic Themes Vol. 04: “Ranging from playful, lively and excited “Harry Potter’esque” orchestral overtures like “A Magical Journey” and “Overture of Life”, to heroic, valiant and epic sounding tracks like “Towards Infinity”, to dark and monolithic scores like “Fire And Ice” (great for movie trailers), to more Ethnic/Exotic and darkly pensive compositions like “Alpha Mission” and “Black Storm”, this collection features 13 amazing, spine tingling themes of grandeur and amazement. Composed by Jack Francis, a young and massively talented new composer, this collection is a gold mine of cinematic, dramatic music.”

These albums are currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Shockwave Sound. These albums are royalty-free.

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September 22, 2011
Clothilde Lebrun