Shockwave Sound: Hero Themes Vol. 01

Another epic album was added to Shockwave Sound’s CD collections: Hero Themes Vol. 1. Epic music tracks of heroism, amazement, struggle, guts and glory

These tracks combine a full orchestra with a choir and epic style percussion to create timeless, glorifying, cinematic music. Sometimes angelic, heavenly and full of heroic aspirations and achievements — and sometimes of dark times, violence, threat and epic battles, these tracks go well with Dramatic Trailers, epic scenes of fantasy or history, Olympic Sports and achievements / aspirations, overcoming challenges and reaching ever higher, further, better.

From fantasy fights to superheroes, from military heroes of the armed forces to heroes in Olympic sports – or the hero in each one of us – here is the soundtrack. Several of the tracks come in a “percussion only” mix. These mixes are highly useful as “battle tracks” for fantasy games, war footage, historic battles, struggles and fights. “

You can listen to Hero Themes Vol. 1 on Shockwave Sound’s website.

Hero Themes Vol. 01 is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Shockwave Sound. It is a royalty-free album.

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July 1, 2011
Clothilde Lebrun