Nero: Two Steps From Hell Announces New Album

Two Steps From Hell is preparing a new album.

According to Two Steps From Hell’s Facebook page:

“The next major release from 2 Steps will be a cd called Nero (retitled from Eclipse). It is epic and sweeping music from Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen. It will not be a public release, but tracks from this cd will be on our second public release, available this fall.”

That means an other public release this year!!! Don’t you think this will be too much for a year? Lets summarize: Illusions, Sun, Break from this world (new Globus album), Trailerhead 3, possibly a Future World Music and a City of the Fallen album, and now this. For the sake of God, STOP IT! :D. (kidding)

Because some people think this album and Sun are the same, I asked Thomas to confirm they are different. Here is his answer:

Illusions and Sun are both unaffiliated with Two Steps From Hell. They are my personal albums. Nero used to be called Eclipse before another company took the title. (viz. Fringe ElementTwo steps From Heaven will be released end of the year or early 2012. Other than that there’s nothing new except Balls to the wall. There will be a sequel to Invincible. Currently untitled.”

Hopefully it’s clear now there will be two public albums by Thomas Bergersen and one public album by Two Steps From Hell.

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