How to Sell Thor in Japan: Use Immediate Music

How do you advertise a movie about an alien warrior named Thor who defends Earth, in Japan? The same way you do it in the US of course: great music! This Japanese Thor trailer features Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s “Into the Eternal Twilight” from Immediate Music’s Epic Chorale Action 1. It carries most of this trailer, from 1:00 until the end. Check it out below.

Audiomachine had a custom cue in the 2nd US trailer and that trailer has a decidely different, modern, dare I say, “Inception inspired” feel. This trailer relies more on an epic orchestral sound. Which do you prefer?

You don’t have to fly to Japan to see this movie though. If you did, there’s time to buy plane tickets as you would have to wait until July 1st. It comes out in theaters in the US & Canada on May 6. If you live anywhere else, what are you watching this trailer for? Go see it now!

On a related note, Aleksandar entered a TRON Remix contest.

You can listen to his track sumbission here, and vote for it if you like it! It’s pretty rad.

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