Position Music: Vendetta

Position Music Vendetta

Vendetta is the sixth volume of Position Music’s Orchestral Series.Featuring Position Music’s newest star composer, Jo Blankenburg, Vendetta was recorded in Czech Republic, London, and Detroit, with the mixing work done in Los Angeles – it’s been over a year in the making and the result is breathtaking.

This is a ground-breaking album that elevates trailer score to a whole new level of sonic pleasure and goosebump-causing reactions. Lush strings, haunting vocals, subtle hybrid-rock elements and epic themes causing all synapses to fire off the basic human emotions in your being.

We’re pleased to be able to offer the first track from Vendetta, “Dystopic”, for FREE to Trailer Music News readers. Just enter your email below for the Position Music newsletter and click the download link on the confirmation page.


Vendetta is available to the public for purchase in digital format through iTunes and Amazon, and as physical CD through FiXT StoreFor licensing information, contact Position Music.

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March 22, 2011
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