Liquid Cinema: Cinematic Themes & Inspirations

LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are pleased to announce the release of Cinematic Themes and Inspirations from David Travis Edwards, one of the best and most successful trailer composers today.

“Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with musicians from the world class London Symphony, this is a collection of lush and profound orchestral music that is uplifting, dramatic and powerful. This album raises the bar for contemporary but timeless music intended to move spirits and elicit emotions with memorable themes brought to life by an unparalleled orchestral sound. Cinematic Themes and Inspirations is lushly orchestrated and impeccably recorded and mixed by James Hill, one of Hollywood’s elite orchestral sound engineers. Edwards uses the entire orchestra to it’s best advantage creating a sound that hits the mark with every track. It may well be his best work yet in what has already become an amazing career.”

This is how Liquid Cinema has announced with enthusiasm the release of Cinematic Themes and Inspirations, composed by David Edwards and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Discover the whole album on Soundcloud!

Finally, for those who don’t know Liquid Cinema yet, their whole library can be explored on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Cinematic Themes and Inspirations is available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. For licensing information, contact Liquid Cinema.

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