Trailer Music Live: coming to Russia

Variety interviewed Yoav Goren, composer and co-founder of Immediate Music, and reported earlier today that Trailer Music Live concert will occur not only in New York City, but also in Moscow.

I have to say the article itself seems rather poorly written, but here are the take home paragraphs:

” [Yoav] Goren said he used studio contacts to secure rights to use the film clips during the performance and, as a graduate of NYU, found a willing partner for the concert in his alma mater’s Symphony Orchestra.

“Trailer Music Live” has previously been seen in London and L.A. The California gig was where Russian presenters first saw the concert.

“When I compose quote-unquote trailer music, I’ll do three or four minutes, but the audience only hears 15 to 20 seconds,” Goren said. “You’re always hearing it under explosions and dialogue.”

The event will take place in Russia on April 17th, at the State Kremlin Palace concert hall in Moscow. The largest concert hall in Russia, it can seat up to 6,000 people. Quoting from the press release,

“In  association  with  the  Russian  State  TV  and  Radio  Music  Center,  with   contributions  from  the  US  Embassy  in  Russia,  the  concert  will  feature  performances   by  the  Grand  Choir  “Masters  of  Choral  Singing”,  Artistic  Director  Lev  Kontorovich,   and  conducted  by  Aleksandr  Klevitsky,  Artistic  Director  and  Chief  Conductor  of  The   Yuri  Silantiev  Grand  Concert  Orchestra.”

If you’re lucky enough to be nearer to New York, you can still buy tickets here. If these concerts are a success, hopefully they’ll be headed to more cities around the globe.

(via Variety, press release)

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  1. Roger Fox says:

    has the Russian concert been confirmed? I was lucky enough to see Globus at Wembely and would love to see Globus/Imediat Music again.

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