E.S. Posthumus’ Single “Christmas Eve”

Merry Christmas to you all! Wait, what?

ES Posthumus (now aka Helmut Vonlichten only, sadly…) shared a rearranged version of the famous “Christmas Eve” song. Here it is the official letter from Helmut:

“It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. Last March, my brother and I began work on a Christmas project; our vision was to re-arrange and record our favorite Holiday songs. As well, we wanted to bring something new to the party, so we decided to write an original Christmas lyric to an old hymn that we heard growing up as children.

When Franz passed away last May, the project was barely off the ground; however, a lyric, piano sketch and rough vocal were completed on the new song. As kids, Franz and I had a favorite arranger, Jeremy Lubbock. In memory of Franz and our childhood, I reached out to Jeremy and asked if he would arrange the song for us. He kindly agreed. I managed to salvage the rough vocal that my brother and I had recorded months earlier and included it in the recording… ironically, this was our last recording session together.

The song is titled “Christmas Eve”. It is dedicated to Franz and I hope it brings you joy, comfort and a sense of nostalgia when you listen… I must forewarn you: it is not your typical ES Posthumus recording; however, I believe the spirit is the same….

In closing, I want to thank all of you for your well wishes and kind words; I know that my loss is not unique… many of you have faced similar challenges this year and to you I extend these words of encouragement: There is always chaos before creation. Embrace life and great things will follow.

Be well…

Helmut “

Thank you for your wise words, Helmut;  there is also chaos after creation (no offense, speaking on behalf of myself).

“Christmas Eve” is available to the public for listening on Facebook.

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November 18, 2010